Self-Defense Weapon Review of the Secret Agent Tactical Ninja Sword

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The Secret Agent Tactical Ninja Sword is a stylish sword but with dangerous potentials. This self defense weapon has an overall measurement of 27 inches. It has a cold and hard stainless steel with a heat-treated black baked finish. Then, its grip is made of wrapped around nylon cord.

Secret Agent Tactical Ninja Sword Advantages

The Secret Agent Tactical Ninja Sword will definitely give you an edge against a melee attacker, especially against someone who is only carrying a knife due of its length. The slicing section which is made up of a combination of smooth and serrated edges will surely open up an ugly wound to someone who will mess up with you.

It has a very sharp point which makes it very ideal not only for cutting but also for stabbing. Keep in mind though that when stabbing someone with this, expect a very serious injury that could even lead to fatality because the uneven edges of this self-defense weapon will really stick in the skin of the receiver.

The grip of the self-defense sword is made up of wrapped around nylon cord that provides the hand improved traction. This gives the user added flexibility while wielding the sword too.

Lastly, this is surely created to intimidate despite its stylish finish. Someone who will pay attention to its rugged edges and pointed tip will surely think twice before engaging you in close quarter combat.

Secret Agent Tactical Ninja Sword Disadvantages

It is hard to conceal the weapon from plain view because of its great length. Then, this is not advisable against an enemy who has a long range weapon like a gun or taser. Again, this sword is designed to produce serious cuts that could be deadly, so if your intent is only to do a small damage or just stun a target, this is not for you. Use this only if you are prepared to kill or inflict serious injuries.

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