The Advantages and Disadvantages of Knuckles as Self-Defense Weapon

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Knuckles as Self Defense Weapon

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The BladesUSA PK-808RB Knuckles is a self defense weapon which is a melee type and belongs to the knuckle duster category. It measures 4 inches in width and its thickness is only 2.8 mm. The product has black plating on its both sides where the palm meets the metal.

Knuckles Self-Defense Weapon Advantages

The BladesUSA PK-808RB Knuckles will definitely amplify the power of your punch with its steel make. You can definitely knock out an opponent with this if used with accuracy and skill. The thin edges of this self defense weapon can also cause cuts to the skin of the target when hit in the bony parts of the face.

Then, the rings are easy to fit and the base of the BladesUSA PK-808RB Knuckles provides a rest for the palm. This lessens the movement of the product in the hand while being used which adds up to its accuracy.

In addition, the 4-inch measurement of the product makes it easy to conceal. You can just hide it in your pocket for easy retrieval and to provide your unsuspecting opponent a good surprise attack.

Knuckles Self-Defense Weapon Disadvantages

To maximize the effectiveness of this type of weapon, the target must be hit in the bony part of his/her body. Hitting your opponent in the abdomen or other body parts where the skin can cushion the impact will lessen its efficiency. So, always target the face and the ribs with this.

Knuckles do not provide the user an increase in reach as well. Thus, make sure that you only use this in close quarter combat situations. Fighting an opponent with a longer or ranged weapon will certainly put you at a disadvantage.

The product can be bulky when hidden in tight jeans. This makes it very noticeable. So, make sure that your pants are loose to conceal it well.