Smith and Wesson Knives For Your Personal Protection

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Smith and Wesson knives are from the internationally renowned manufacturer of guns and self-defense weapon accessories. Smith and Wesson knives are known for their toughness, good design, functionality and excellent cutting power. Thus, these are definitely recommended for individuals who are looking for something that they can use to protect themselves.

There are 20 models that Smith and Wesson knives offer to customers. We will discuss the top three Smith and Wesson knives here based on performance, functionality and durability to help you narrow down your search and come up with the one that will fit your preferences.

Top Three Smith and Wesson Knives

Here is a quick run on the advantages of the top three recommended Smith and Wesson knives:

1. S&W Bullseye Search & Rescue Black Tanto Blade Knife

So far, this is the longest among the Smith and Wesson knives offered by the brand’s official website. It is the heaviest also due to its thicker metal. These factors provide the user a tactical advantage through its extra reach and additional hacking power. It is highly durable as well because its metal goes all the way to its grip. This is highly recommended also for people who love camping in the woods and going on outdoor adventures.

2. S&W Extreme Ops Desert Handle with Black Drop Point Blade Knife

This one is the cheapest among Smith and Wesson knives. But do not be fooled by its price because it’s sharp and smooth blade provides a decent cutting power. It is improved by its light weight which makes movement on the part of its wielder a lot easier. Then, the small size of the knife and its folding design makes it very easy to conceal.

3. S&W Bullseye Hatchet/Knife Combo

The combo comes with a hatchet and emergency tool knife. This is not only handy in outdoor trips. The combo provides excellent self-defense weapons as well. The hatchet is capable of penetrating up to the bone of its target with its sharp and powerful cutting force. On the other hand, the knife’s hooked tip can produce a nasty would is used in stabbing a person in self-defense.

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