Vigilant Personal Alarm Review

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The Vigilant PPS8G 130dB Personal Alarm is a portable device that gives off a loud sound when the metal pin located at its top is released. The product is intended to be used in self-defense situations to ward off a potential threat and bring aid to the potential victim.

A short nylon cord is connected the pin of the personal alarm to aid the user in triggering or carrying it.Then, it has a small button that switches on a tiny LED bulb located near its pin.

Advantages of the Vigilant PPS8G 130dB Personal Alarm

First of all, the sound that this personal alarm has is loud. As its name implies, its intensity is at 130 decibels. So, setting it on will surely give off a very loud noise that will surprise a person who is about to inflict harm to you. The piercing noise of the personal alarm will either scare away a potential threat or distract the person temporarily, which will give you a short window of opportunity to flee or perform your own attack.

The product also works well in attracting the attention of other people within your vicinity who might be able to provide assistance to you during emergencies. You can also use them to call for help if you are having a health issue like a heart attack wherein you cannot use your voice or your voice simply isn’t carrying far enough.

The small LED bulb can be used to help people locate you in dark areas.

Next, you can use the cord of the personal alarm to attach it to your valuables like wallets or purse. That way, if someone attempts to steal or take it away by force, it will trigger its noise, which will deter the perpetrator from completing the deed. You can even set it up as a tripwire in your doorstep or other areas of the house, soyou can detect if you have unwanted guests in your home.

Moreover, this personal alarm is very small and portable. It measures four inches long, 1.5-inch wide, and half an inch thick. You can carry it around anywhere you go.

Lastly, the battery of the device can be easily replaced as it only used triple A batteries. The batteries can last up to one hour of continuous use.

Disadvantages of the Vigilant PPS8G 130dB Personal Alarm

The noise produced by the personal alarm cannot be controlled. It is fixed at 130dB. Thus, accidentally setting off its pin can be embarrassing. For instance, unintentionally triggering its alarm in places that require silence or in public like groceries will surely gain you irritated stares from other people.

Its alarm cannot be turned off in any other way, except when you put back its pin or remove its battery. Therefore, you should be very careful not to break or damage its pin, or the socket where the pin is supposed to be inserted.

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