TAC Force Folding Knife Review

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The TAC Force TF-705 is a folding knife that can be used for self-defense. It has serrated stainless steel blade, aluminum-made handle with red finish, and several action points. This product has garnered a great reputation online and it one of the cheapest knives you can purchase. But is it really a good purchase?

Here is a quick look at the tactical advantages and disadvantages of the folding knife offered by TAC Force:

Pros of the TAC Force TF-705 Folding Knife

The TAC Force TF-705 folding knife is a nice self-defense weapon for close quarter combat. Its blade is ideal for stabbing or slashing an opponent. The serrated edge of the folding knife will guarantee a nasty wound if swiped in a person’s skin. Then, its nasty design will surely make someone who is poorly armed to think twice before attacking you.

The knife can be easily concealed as well. When closed, it only measures 4.5 inches. That means you can easily carry it around in your loose pants, purse, or handbag.

Aside from its self-defense potentials, the folding knife is a great outdoor companion too. A must have tool if you love outdoor activities like hiking and camping. One of the bonus features of the knife is a can opener. Plus, it has a clip, which you can easily attach to your waist or pocket.

In addition to the mentioned features of the folding knife is a glass breaker. The glass breaker can be accessed at the opposite end of the blade when it is folded. This can aid you in a variety of ways during emergency situations wherein there is a need for you to clear out obstacles brought about by sharp glass, or simply when you or someone else is trapped in a glass encasing.

Lastly, the folding knife is made up of a 440-grade steel. The material makes it highly-resistant to rust and very durable.

Cons of the TAC Force TF-705 Folding Knife

There are some disadvantages presented by the TAC Force TF-705 Folding Knife in self-defense. Despite its artwork, its handle lacks a proper grip that provides it increased traction, especially in wet conditions. A number of its owners also complained out the discomfort provided by the contour of its handle.

Moreover, some users find it hard to close one-handed, and they find the performance of the folding knife’s glass breaker to be unsatisfactory. The folding mechanism of the blade also has a tendency to get stuck when it is not used for a long time. This can be avoided though by putting oil or other types of lubricant to the folding gear of the knife after storing it for a period of time.

Should You Buy It?

Notwithstanding its downsides, the folding knife of TAC Force is certainly handy in self-defense and outdoor use, and it’s price is one that can’t be beat. Its half-serrated blade is capable of delivering a very serious injury to your assailant, and its added features can aid you in emergency situations or in outdoor activities.

However, if you’re looking for a more durable and reliable knife that you intent to use often, this might not be the best knife for you.

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