18 Homemade Halloween Costumes

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As Halloween approaches and the thought of buying yet another mass-produced costume from a retail shop doesn’t seem all that appealing, why not make your own at a fraction of the cost?  Here are 18 homemade Halloween masks and costumes that we loved and that are sure to be a hit at your next party!

The Best Homemade Halloween Costumes

1. Pinata

Want to get “hit on” this Halloween? The Pinata is definitely for you. Love this idea from Camille Styles.  Just use glue-gun to cover a tan dress with layers of streamers to make this Piñata costume!

pinata halloween costume

2 – Super Mario Brothers

Mario and Luigi are the ultimate pair. Just grab some old overalls (or find some at a thrift store), a train hat, and add felt!

super mario halloween costume

3 – UP, Old Man

One of our favorites of the bunch, mostly because this kid is so darn cute. The costume is so simple, too! This adorable photo was taken by Auburn Soul Photography.

up halloween costume

4 – Toy Army Men

Loved Toy Story? These army men costumes could be recreated using a lot of green paint, duct tape, and dye. 

army men halloween costume

5 – Burrito Baby

Warning: do not eat the baby. This burrito baby is too cute … but mix in a little salsa and its super adorable.

burrito baby halloween costume

6 – Morton Salt Girl

When it rains, it pours! The Morton Salt girl is such an iconic brand figure and her outfit can be made out of clothes you probably already have. If not, at least you can re-wear each piece in your fall wardrobe.

morton halloween costume

7 – American Gothic

Another awesome couple costume made of basics you probably already have. The one downside with this costume is that you might not have a free hand to hold your drink (or cell phone) all night.

american gothic halloween costume

8 – Mary Poppins

The best part about this outfit is that you might be able to create it from clothes you already have lying around your closet. The Mary Poppins ensemble is nothing but a white button-down blouse paired with black stockings, shoes and a skirt, and accented with a red belt, bow tie and white gloves. Don’t forget the black umbrella and top hat!

mary poppins halloween costume

9 – Popcorn Baby

If you are going to be wearing a baby anyway this Halloween, this costume found on Rookie Moms is so simple and works great for couples with new babies. Just find a couple of red bow ties, a red apron, and then create the popcorn bag out of white and red felt and attach it to your BabyBjorn. Don’t forget to hot glue some popcorn to your baby’s white beanie!

popcorn baby halloween costume

10 – Rubik’s Cube

This cool homemade Rubik’s Cube costume is pretty simple, just used cardboard boxes and construction paper and duct tape

rubiks halloween costume

11 – Charlie Brown Baby

What an adorable little costume that is pretty easy to make. Just sew a little black felt onto a yellow shirt, and draw with a magic marker on his forehead (just be sure it isn’t permanent).

charlie brown baby halloween costume

12 – Pregnant Basketball Costume

If you have the belly to pull it off, here’s a costume for the mother to be.

pregnant basketball costume

13 – Legos

Who doesn’t like Legos?  Here are some ideas to create your own Lego costume.

lego halloween costume

14 – Bubble Gum Machine

Add a little pop to your Halloween with this bubble gum machine costume!

bubble gum machine halloween costume

15 – Jar Head

Instead of throwing the ginormous bucket of Cheese Balls away (come on and admit you have one) and make it into a great costume.

jar head halloween costume

16 – Pumpkin Pie

Here’s one for the nerds – enough said!

pumpkin pie halloween costume

17- Minions

Despicable Me 2 is hot and may as this costume beats the one in the stores at a fraction of the price.

despicable me halloween costume

18 – Inspector Gadget

This moving Halloween costume was made almost entirely from recycled and thrifted materials. It was a serious crowd-pleaser — I walked into a bar and everyone started chanting “Go Go Gadget” until I switched on the helicopter and the entire bar started cheering. You too can be this awesome!

inspector gadget halloween costume

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