9 Brilliant Ways to Upcycle Light Bulbs

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Switching to energy-efficient light bulbs creates a problem: what should you do with the old light bulbs? Well, luckily for you, there are a ton of creative people out there with brilliant ideas on how to create magical crafts or upcycle them into something useful.

Here are Some of the Best Ideas for Upcycling Light Bulbs

1. Snow Globes via Penguin Craft

Upcycle Light Bulbs

2. Hanging Vases via Crown99

Upcycle Light Bulbs

3. Other Kinds of Vases via Relyt Design

Upcycle Light Bulbs

4. Air Plant Terrariums via GroCycle

Upcycle Light Bulbs

5. Hand-Painted Bride & Groom cake toppers via Lazo

Upcycle Light Bulbs

6. Oil Lamps via Dynamo Art

Upcycle Light Bulbs

7. Candlestick Holders via Revisions Design Studio

Upcycle Light Bulbs

8. Jewelry via Tanith

Upcycle Light Bulbs

9. Pen Holders via Star Redesigns

Upcycle Light Bulbs

Which idea for up-cycling lightbulbs did you like best? Do you have any others? Share with us in the comments below!

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