25 Ways to Win Your Wife’s Heart and Put That Spark Back into Your Marriage

25 Ways Win your Wife’s Heart

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Have you hit a lull in your relationship? Don’t worry. It happens to everyone eventually.

If your relationship seems to have hit a block and you feel like things between you and your wife aren’t the same anymore, then you might be wondering what you can do to win her heart back and put the spark back into your relationship. Well, there isn’t any one right answer on how to put the spark back into a marriage. Every single person loves and feels loved differently.

Take a couple of minutes to think about how your wife shows and receives love. Now think about ways you can use her love language to do things that will make her feel loved again. See, you’re already on the right track to revamping the spark.

Here are a few additional ideas to help you think of more ways to make your wife feel loved:

25 Ways to Win Back Your Wife’s Heart

  1. When you wake up in the morning, if she is still resting, give her a gentle kiss on the forehead.
  2. Don’t hide your smiles when you’re watching your wife do something you think is cute or when you catch yourself thinking about how beautiful she is.
  3. Buy her flowers. They don’t have to be the expensive kind. Stores that Trader Joe’s has a cheap and gorgeous selection of flowers to choose from. Try to get some that are her favorite kind or color of flower.
  4. Buy her other small trinkets when you’re out to let her know you were thinking of her. It can be as simple as picking up her favorite drink or treat while you’re out.
  5. Don’t drain yourself by trying to make her feel satisfied. Rather than trying to satisfy her too much, feel and think about all the ways you are satisfied with her as well. Your happiness will help her feel happier and loved as well. If you’re trying to make her feel loved when you aren’t happy yourself, she’ll be able to pick up on it.
  6. When you get home after a long day of work or from hanging out with the guys, give her a kiss and a hug and tell her you missed her.
  7. When you’ve been out with the guys or after spending time on a hobby you enjoy, thank her for letting you have that time for yourself.
  8. Tell her she looks really cute or beautiful during moments that she wouldn’t normally expect it, like right after waking up in the morning, or when she’s dressed in comfy clothes to do chores.
  9. Remind her that you’ve never met anyone like her and that she’s the perfect person for you.
  10. Remember to show your love for her both physically and emotionally. Most people need both to feel truly loved.
  11. Be your goofy self. You don’t always have to act responsibly all the time. Take some time to be silly together.
  12. Look her in the eyes and smile.
  13. Ask her out and plan a date. Don’t just take her out to the first restaurant that crosses your mind, but plan to do something with her that shows you spent some time and effort thinking about it.
  14. Give her a massage without her having to ask. There is nothing more amazing than a massage. Whether it’s a quick foot or shoulder rub while you’re watching TV, or you pull out all the stops and give her a full-on body massage in bed, she’ll love it.
  15. Mix it up. Sure, we all love a good Netflix and chill night, but if that’s all you ever do anymore, maybe it’s time to mix it up a bit. Pull out the old board games, initiate a random craft night, or make something yummy together. Anything to mix up your routine a little bit and do something together that you haven’t been doing lately.
  16. Run a nice bath for her and then take care of the kids and responsibilities for the night. Just let her take some time off to relax to herself.
  17. Leave cute notes around the house. Maybe a nice note on the mirror that she’ll see when she wakes up, or leave a note by her keys that she’ll see as she heads out for the day.
  18. Help make her mornings easier. Maybe this means getting her coffee ready for her or scraping the ice and snow off her car during the winter. These little gestures will go a long way.
  19. Write down the top ten things you love about her and share them with her. We all enjoy reminders like this sometimes.
  20. Take notice of her feelings. If you think she seems a little off, ask her about it. Don’t just write it off and ignore her when you can sense something’s not quite right.
  21. Do her least favorite chore for her. Is she always complaining about how much she loathes the laundry? Do it for her. She’ll be ecstatic.
  22. Tell her what a great wife and mother she is.
  23. Compliment her and show her love in front of other people. Sometimes, it’s nice to have your spouse tell the world how great you are too.
  24. Hold her hand again. It seems like as relationships age, the hand-holding becomes less frequent.
  25. Scratch her back before she falls asleep. This might be my favorite thing ever, so I’m sure your wife will appreciate it too.

What’s something you do for your wife that makes her feel extra loved? Share with us in the comments below.