A Close Look at the Kabar Last Ditch Knife

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The Kabar Last Ditch Knife is specially designed for law enforcement officials to serve as their protection if their encounter with a potential suspect gets out of their control, or it turns out to be a life-threatening situation on their part. This self defense weapon is so small that it can be concealed within the pocket of a vest or pants.

In this article, we will examine its specifications, advantages as well as its disadvantages in self-defense in order order to help you decide whether it is ideal for you or not.

Ka-Bar Last Ditch Knife Specifications

The knife has an overall length of 3.63 inches, which includes its 1.63-inch blade, and it weighs around 0.3 ounces only. The blade has a drop-point shape with a 15-degree angle curve. The material used for the weapon is stainless steel, plus it comes with a plastic sheath and cord for storage.

Tactical Advantages Provided by the Kabar Last Ditch Knife

The main advantage offered by the product is that it is highly concealable. Drawing it out in a fight will give you the element of surprise, which has a huge tendency to catch your opponent off-guard.

The knife possesses a pointed tip that you can use for stabbing and a sharp edge for slashing. Despite the small form of this self defense weapon, the kind of damage it would cause should not be undermined. A properly executed pierce or cut from its blade could cause serious bleeding or even death if an artery has been severed or a sensitive organ has been ruptured by the weapon.

Then, the curved grip and the jagged handle of the unit will give your opponent a hard time disarming you. You can wear it on any side of your fist, which will allow you utmost flexibility when attacking.

Disadvantages of the Kabar Knife

First, the small size of the weapon is both advantageous and disadvantageous. The downside of its very short blade is that it will not provide you with a significant increase in reach. Thus, you have to be careful when fighting an opponent armed with a longer weapon.

Second, the holes should have been great for added grasp of the knife. But, they are just too small for the fingers of a grown man to fit in.

Third, the sheath has a trouble holding the item in place. Therefore, some people who have purchased this product complain about dropping the item from its sheath frequently, and worse, some even lost the knife right away due to this issue.

Should You Buy the Kabar Last Ditch Knife?

This self-defense weapon is a nice addition to your tools if somehow your opponent manages to take away your primary weapon. As its name implies, it is only good as a last ditch weapon due to its very small size. So, if you want an extra weapon that you can pull out when nothing else is available within your reach during a life-threatening confrontation, the Kabar Last Ditch Knife is something that you should consider buying. However, if you’re wanting a primary self-defense weapon, then I might suggest other options first.

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