A Closer Look at the Vipertek Stun Gun

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The Vipertek VTS-979 Stun Gun is an electroshock self-defense weapon capable of delivering up to 19,000,000 volts of pure electricity. It is manufactured and distributed by Vipertek, a company that specializes in security products.

Aside from business establishments and the official website of its manufacturer, the Vipertek VTS-979 Stun Gun can be found in several online shops like Amazon. Here is a quick look at the tactical advantages as well as the downsides of the Vipertek VTS-919 Stun Gun:

Benefits of the Vipertek VTS-919 Stun Gun

The output of the stun gun, which is at 19,000,000 volts, is enough to temporarily incapacitate a full-grown man. Upon activation and contact to the skin, the prongs of this self-defense weapon give off an electrical charge that disrupt the normal function of the voluntary muscles of the body.

The Vipertek VTS-919 Stun Gun may be unforgiving to the recipient of its electric output, but it is very safe to its user. It features a non-slip rubber coating for better grip plus a safety pin tied to a cord that disables it when your assailant takes your weapon away (provided the cord is tied to your wrist).

Another highlight of the product is its rechargeable battery, which means you do not have to continuously replace its power source when it gets depleted. All you have to do is plug it in an electrical outlet to juice it up.

Then, it can be carried around conveniently. Its dimensions are 6.5-inch by 2-inch by 1-inch. You can just put it in a holster, hide it in your loose pockets or in your handbag. The stun gun comes with a LED flashlight too that you can use in dark areas.

Lastly, it has a lifetime warranty. That means, you can have it serviced by its manufacturer if the defects of the item show up in the long-run.

Disadvantages of the Vipertek VTS-919 Stun Gun

The stun gun has the tendency to discharge even when not in use. Its seller advises charging it for one to two hours each month even when it hasn’t been used. This can be annoying to remember, ads one more thing to your monthly checklist, and if forgotten, could make your stun gun completely useless when you need it.

Next, the unit can only be charged in a 110-volt outlet. That means if you are living in regions where the standard power used is 220 volts like in Europe, you should also buy a transformer that will convert the electric output of your outlets to 110 volts.

It should be reminded as well that some areas consider the possession of a stun gun illegal. If you happened to live in one of those places, be sure to carry your self defense weapon discreetly. It is your responsibility to ensure you’re up to date on the self-defense laws in your area.

Should You Buy It?

The Vipertek VTS-919 Stun Gun is definitely worth your money. This is an effective weapon in close range combat when your safety is being threatened and you have no other choice but to attack your assailant. It is also a great option for those not comfortable carrying lethal weapons.

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