Rothco Paracord Survival and Self-Defense Tool Review

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The Rothco Paracord Type III Nylon as seen in Amazon.

Rothco is known for producing several best-selling survival and self-defense weapons and accessories. Among its products is the Rothco Paracord Type III Nylon.

According to Rothco, the product is very durable and very useful in survival activities. In this article, we will talk about the specs of the item, and assess if it truly lives up to its promise to customers. More importantly, we will also explore its self-defense potentials.

Rothco Paracord Specifications

The material used in the production of the Rothco Paracord is a 100% type III nylon with a seven-strand core. The diameter of the cord is 5/32 inches and its length can go up to 100 feet. Overall, the item only weighs 8 ounces.

Self-Defense & Survival Advantages

For a survivalist or a person fond of outdoor adventures, the Rothco Paracord will surely come in handy. It can be used for dragging heavy objects, binding things, setting up a tent, hunting, trapping, and plenty of others. Based on reviews, this rope is capable of handling up to 550 pounds of dead weight.

The item is similarly useful in self-defense. The paracord is a vital component of many traps like the noose-type and tripwire, among others. You can also use it as a warning device to let you know if there is an intruder in your area by putting noise-producing objects along its length while set up as a tripwire.

Aside from trapping, you can use the tool when engaging a person at a range. You can utilize it like a whip. A lashing from this product is capable of producing cuts or bruises, depending on the expertise of its wielder in handling a whip.

Paracord can also be used to make monkey fists, which can be used as a mele self-defense object.

The Black Monkey Fist Paracord Keychain.

Next, the Rothco Paracord can aid you in choking an enemy. Just wrap around its length to the neck of your adversary and you will have him or her submitting to you, or getting unconscious from asphyxiation. It should be remembered though that choking a person with this might kill him or her from lack of air.

Moreover, the rope can be used to restrain your opponent once you have incapacitated him or her while waiting for help or the police to arrive.

Lastly, the fact that this product comes from Rothco speaks a lot for itself. Rothco is a certified U.S. Government Contractor. This alone is a guarantee of the quality.

Disadvantages in Survival and Self Defense

Some buyers complain that ordering a 100 feet paracord would result to two 50 feet paracords. So, inquire from the seller first to ensure that you will be getting one 100 foot length of paracord.

Then, some users claimed that their product broke with less than 550 pounds of weight, which if true is less than the manufacturer’s weight limit claim.


Notwithstanding the downsides discussed above, since the issues discussed were only encountered by a select few and that the benefits far outweigh problems, the Rothco Paracord is definitely a must-have for your home and outdoor trips. This is something that we personally have, and I recommend it to all my friends and family members as an item they should keep on hand just incase.

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