How Reliable is the Credit Card Folding Safety Knife in Self-Defense

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The Credit Card Folding Safety Knife is an innovative self defense weapon. It is basically a switchblade knife that can be folded to copy the shape of a regular credit card.

For just a couple bucks, it’s unique design, and the ease of which it could be carried, this product has already been purchased by tons of people all over the world. But the question is, how reliable is the item in self-defense? Is it actually an effective safety knife, or is it more of a cool knick-knack? This article will examine the pros and cons of the Credit Card Folding Safety Knife.

Tactical Advantages of a Credit Card Folding Safety Knife

The Credit Card Folding Safety Knife can be easily concealed in your pocket and card holder of your purse or wallet. Its dimensions are 5-inch long, 4.7-inch wide, and 0.2-inch thick. The small and thin frame of the product will provide you with the element of surprise when you think that someone is about to attack you.

When transformed into a knife, the item gains an extra half-an-inch length, including its 2.5-inch blade. The added length will provide you a little more, but not much, reach during an attack.

Then, the blade of the Credit Card Folding Safety Knife is shaped perfectly for stabbing. Aside from that, its edge is strong enough to cut through skin like butter when properly sharpened.

In terms of the user’s safety, a small rounded latch prevents the blade from popping out when storing the product in your pocket or wallet.

Disadvantages in Self-Defense

Some complain that the blade of the Credit Card Folding Safety Knife is not so sharp upon delivery. This can be easily remedied though by sharpening it using  the appropriate tools.

It should be noticed that the grip of the Credit Card Folding Safety Knife lacks traction due to its very smooth texture. So, a user is advised to be very careful when wielding it in knife form, as the fingers and palm can easily slip through its grip even when the item has a small portion that serves as a finger guard.

Also, the blade may be in stainless steel, but it is very thin. It has the tendency to break after continuous use or when accidentally forced over a very hard surface. Its grip is made of plastic too, which can wear out in the long run.

Next, the product takes a few seconds to transform it into a knife, which can be very disadvantageous in situations that require you to draw your weapon quickly. However, with regular practice and the proper mindset, you might be able to train yourself to draw it faster.

Moreover, a number of buyers criticize the safety latch of the blade. Several people who purchased the item said that it does not lock properly,or it is defective. When storing the item in its credit card form, remember to make sure that its parts have snapped together properly, or else, it may accidentally open and damage its encasing or it may even injure you.

Should You Use the Credit Card Folding Safety Knife in Self-Defense?

For just a couple bucks and for the ease of carry, it’s not a terrible thing to have on hand, but if I were in a serious self defense situation I think I would like something a little bit easier to handle, more durable, and more reliable. So, the Credit Card Folding Safety Knife is surely very handy as a last resort when you don’t have anything better, but if you’re thinking about buying it purely for self-defence, I’d probably go with something else.

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