The Pros and Cons of the Strike Spike Self-Defense Tool

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Aside from preparedness, the element of surprise is another factor that will surely turn a potentially dangerous situation into something that you can manage. An unexpected counterattack will immediately make your opponent think twice before proceeding to assault you. The mentioned situation will provide you with the opportunity to defend yourself effectively or run away from the threat. The Strike Spike promises to provide you with a self-defense tool that has a strong tendency to cause injuries and a weapon that has the probability of catching your opponent off-guard.

What are Its Specs?

The Strike Spike is a very small self-defense tool. It has a circular surface with around eight short spikes protruding from it. The self defense weapon has a diameter less than the length of the thumb, and it only weighs around 2 ounces.

How Does It Work?

The Strike Spike is a melee weapon that looks like just a simple clothing accessory. It can be attached to your cap, wristband, knee strap or other clothing accessories to increase your fighting chances during a self defense situation.

You can attach the tool to the rear strap of your cap. When danger approaches you, and that you are left with no other option but to fight, all you have to do is remove your cap and swing the side holding the Strike Spike at your aggressor.

This can also amplify the damage that you can deliver when attaching it to your arms or knee. Just aim the side of your arm or leg that has the product to hurt your opponent.

What are Its Pros?

Being on the receiving end of a blow using the Strike Spike can cause mild to severe injuries. A direct contact of the product’s spikes into the skin of a person can cause scratches or serious wounds. A straight hit in the eyes will definitely result to blindness.

The weapon is useful in surprise attacks too. Because of its size, it would not be noticed right away. At first, swinging a mere cap to your opponent may look like a very funny move. However, once your target gets hit by it or realizes that your cap is armed with the Strike Spike, he or she will certainly be taken aback by your actions. The short moment of hesitation from your enemy can be your opportunity to turn the battle into your favor, or execute your plan of evasion.

Next, this self defense tool is really handy and convenient to use. Its two-ounce weight will not distract you much when wearing it.

You can utilize the tool as well to turn some of your striking weapons into something more. For example, you can strap it to the striking end of your baseball bat to turn it into a spiked club. You can even attack it to your shoes, so that you will have an extra advantage when kicking. Purses can be another handy item that strike balls can be attached to increase their effectiveness as a tool in a self-defense situation.

What are Its Cons?

For best results, make sure to aim the spikes at the direction of your opponent’s face. Using it in the other parts of the body may not produce the same effect with that of getting hit in the face by the weapon.

Then, the Strike Spike only fits well with thick straps. Therefore, if the strap features buttons or clips, it may hinder you from attaching the product into it.

Should You Buy It?

If you are looking for a less noticeable self defense tool, the Strike Spike is ideally made for you. It will really come in handy in turning a simple thing like a cap or purse into a formidable weapon, which is great for carrying a surprise attack.

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