Ninja Caltrops Self-Defense Weapon for Successful Evasion

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A self-defense weapon does not have to be always deadly, damaging, or capable of incapacitating a person. Sometimes, the best way to protect yourself is by evading your enemy through distraction or evasion. This is where the Ninja Caltrops will come in handy.

Ninja Caltrops are anti personnel self-defense weapons made up of spikes arranged in a manner that one of them always points up from a stable base. Each point of a caltrop imitates each point of a tetrahedron.

Ninja Caltrops Self-Defense Weapon Benefits

These Ninja Caltrops can be placed in strategic areas of your home to ward off a person trying to break in or to keep away stray animals from your home. One thing about these self defense weapons that owners appreciate is that these can be stacked together for a more damaging effect. This is the reason why most people who already bought these products are still ordering for more.

Ninja Caltrops can also be used while you are fleeing from your enemy. You can throw them along the path of your pursuer to hurt and distract him/her so that you can slow his/her pace. You can even throw them at your attacker’s face if the person is already near your position.

When on a run in the road, you can scatter these self-defense weapons to puncture the tire of your chaser on a vehicle.

Ninja Caltrops Self-Defense Weapon Disadvantages

This type of self defense weapon is only good as a trap or as a distraction. Its puncturing performance is so poor that it can only cause light up to average wounds. Using this requires a certain distance from your opponent too. So, always equip yourself with a close quarter combat weapon in combination to these so you can still defend yourself if your foe is already within reach.