Review on the Self-Defense Advantages of Tac Force Tactical Knife

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The Tac Force TF-530BK Tactical Knife is a self defense weapon with multi-functionality. It is basically a knife combined with a knuckle duster. The length of the blade of this self defense weapon is 3 5/8 inch while its overall length extends up to 8 5/8 inches.

The Tac Force TF-530BK Tactical Knife is made up of stainless steel. Then, its half-serrated blade is coated with Teflon. It features a spring assisted deployment and it comes with a removable pocket clip and liner lock.

Tac Force TF-530BK Tactical Knife Advantages

The Tac Force TF-530BK Tactical Knife is a nice weapon for close quarter combat (CQC). Its knife is so sharp that it can easily slice or puncture flesh. Then, its knuckle duster section provides a good grip to its wielder which effectively prevents accidental slipping. It also gives the user protection from being easily disarmed.

The knuckle duster part can be used for striking as well. This will still put in a lot of damage to the receiver due to its steel make and the slightly pointed tip of every knuckle. Moreover, this self-defense weapon is easy to conceal which will allow you to surprise an unsuspecting attacker.

Tac Force TF-530BK Tactical Knife Downsides

The Tac Force TF-530BK Tactical Knife is only ideal for CQC or when the opponent is only within the reach of the user. This is not advisable to be used as a self-defense weapon against an assailant wielding a weapon with longer reach like a sword or a bat because it cannot be thrown and you are only provided a little extra reach with its 3 5/8-inch blade. That is unless you received a proper training in fighting people who are holding longer weapons with only the use of a knife.

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