25 Creative Ways to Use Driftwood

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Each piece of driftwood is unique, so you can’t always decide what you’re going to make before you find the driftwood. It’s less predictable, which makes the art more spontaneous. Nevertheless, here are inspiring ideas to get you started.

1. Coasters – made from Icelandic driftwood.

via Railis

Driftwood coaster. Icelandic driftwood.

2. Boats – both little and big.

via Yalos

driftwood boats "peg-sail " with a sail from genuine parchment on a clothespin and "evil eye" glassbead

via Gifts & Stars

The Tortuga - Driftwood Boat

3. Buttons.

via Seagypsy’s

Handmade Drift Wood Buttons, Three 1.5 inch Natural Drfitwood Wooden Buttons

4. Lamp stands.

via Lightsculptures by Toko-Pa

Oliphant: Modern and Rustic Lightsculpture (Fine Art Lamp) with Driftwood base

via Gifts & Stars

Sea Light - Tea Light Candle Holder - Soldered Limpet Shells, Metal, Driftwood

5. Candle holders.

via Palm Tree Soda

Candleholder Driftwood 2 tier

6. Frames for mirrors, pictures, paintings, chalkboards. etc.

via Orange Door Cottage Designs


via Ela Lake Designs

Home Decor Acrylic Painting with Driftwood Frame Fabulous Nautical / Beach House Wall Hanging

7. Wind chimes – made with upcycled wine goblets.

via The Eclectic Edge

Teal Bottoms Up 2 - Wine Goblet Windchimes on Driftwood Branch

8. Wreathes.

via Ammoudia

Driftwood Wreath Centerpiece with white silk cocoons, crystals, vintage lace, blue flowers

9. Necklaces.

via Gx2 Homegrown

Driftwood Necklace, blue, white and grey patterns

via Jeanie Deans

natural driftwood and silver rings necklace

10. Jewelry and key holders.

via Tanja Sova

Manly Driftwood Clarinet Jewelry Holder - Key Rack - Kitchen Rag Organize

11. Wine racks.

via JCDD

Rustic driftwood wine rack

12. Wall hangings or baby mobiles.

via Gifts & Stars

Driftwood Cloud with Vintage Crystal Raindrops - Wall Hanging

via in seasun

Driftwood Shell Hanging Sculpture

13. Cabinets.

via Nautilus Driftwood Design

Oak Driftwood Cabinet

14. Animal sculptures – like a seahorse.

via Tidal Creations

Natural Driftwood Seahorse - Small

15. Or a Trojan horse.

via Tokolosh

Trojan Horse created with Driftwood

16. Hoop art.

via Yalos

driftwood octopus embroidery hoop art

17. Wood carvings.

via Fae Factory

Tree Nymph Sculpture (a wood carving and art doll in clay combo)

18. Keychains.

via Gifts & Stars

Steampunk Driftwood Keychain / Bag Ring

19. Furniture for tiny people.

via Landscapes In Miniature

Miniature Beach Drinks - Driftwood with Pitcher of Iced Tea with Lemon & two Wee Glasse

20. Sailboat earrings.

via Yalos

driftwood sailboat earrings with genuine parchment

21. Wall clocks.

via Churnbox

Beautiful Driftwood Wooden Wall Clock - Beachcomber

22. Spools for yarn, etc.

via Si Chihuahua

Set of 10 Faux Suede Driftwood Spools

23. Board games.

via Two Dumpster Divers

Checkers Game Board Tray- Reclaimed driftwood repurposed tray

24. Birdhouses.

via In The Shade Studio

Driftwood Birdhouse

25. Important signs – e.g., for your nursery or library.

via The Whittle House

Reclaimed Beach Wood Nursery Sign "SHHH..."

What’s your favorite use for driftwood? Share with us in the comments below!

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