9 Great Ways to Use a Wax Seal Stamp

great ways to use a wax seal stamp

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Wax seal stamps might seem too antiquated to use every day, but they can be unexpectedly handy once you have one. Because they’re so sophisticated by themselves, you don’t have to add much else to a letter or label to make it look impressive. But you can use wax seal stamps for much more than just closing envelopes. Here are nine ways to make the most out of a seal stamp.

1. Chocolate Seals on Bite-Sized Cakes

Chocolate 'Wax' Seal Mini Monogramed Cakes

2. Holding Strings Around a Package or Letter

via Liebesbotschaft

wax seal letters

3. Using Colors Instead of Stickers to Organize Natural Perfumes and Other Homemade Concoctions.

via Illuminated Perfume

Natural Perfume Solid Sample Gift Set

4. Using the Seal to Make Pendant Necklaces

via Sue Gray Jewelry and Shannon Westmeyer

anchor wax seal necklace
French Wax Seal Pendant in recycled Fine Silver

6. Make a Plain Party Favor Look Fancy

via Style Me Pretty

wedding favors with wax seal

8. Wax seals to match a letter’s content – ‘thank you’ for thank-you notes, a heart for love letters, etc.

via Back to Zero

Thank You Wax Seal Stamp
 Love Letter Gold Plated Wax Seal Stamp

9. Just to wear – they make awesome jewelry, whether or not you regularly use them

via Gwen Delicious Jewelry

Wax Seal Ring
Wax Seal Necklace Bee Stamper Bronze Necklace

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